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Because the packet machine is directly in contact with the household power supply, so in the use must be the correct operation. At the same time also pay attention to the following points:
1 when using the packet machine to check whether the power supply voltage and the motor is in conformity with the specified input voltage. Before starting to check the equipment there is no leakage.
2 the use of a packet machine is more secure, you must use a ground wire, to regularly check the grounding wire of the internal contact, as well as insulation effect.
3 in the use of individual models of packets, such as GR9 - 2, 2A - GR9, you need to wear rubber shoes and insulated gloves.
4 must pay attention to the oil must not drip into the power part of the packet machine.
5 to pay attention to the use of environmental humidity shall not be greater than eighty-five percent, and there is no combustible gas, the need for regular replacement of cable sheath.
6 packet machine equipment must be operated and maintained by hand, to ensure the health of the packet machine at all times.
7. In the packet machine newly purchased or used for several days, can be appropriate join sewing machine oil in oil hole, idle for half a minute, let the oil was completely packets of absorption can begin operations package machine.
8 at the end of each shift, the packet must be cleaned up. Especially the crochet and feeding part of the machine regularly diluted. The lubricating oil in the screw seat must be changed for three times.
The operation and maintenance of the packet machine

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