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Jumper Causes and Solutions Jumpers are one of the more common faults of the packet wrapper. Many people don't know what to do after the fault occurs in the packet wrapper, and even return to the factory for repair. The reason why the actual packetizer has a jumper is relatively simple, and maintenance is not troublesome.

The sealing machine also needs reasonable maintenance to ensure normal use.

Generally, the packet jumper can be divided into two cases, one is a jumper during the sewing process, and the other is a single line after the sewing is completed.

The reasons for jumpers during the sewing process generally include the following (including treatment methods):

1. The clearance between the needle and the hook is too large (to adjust the gap between the needle and the hook)

2. The sewing bag is too thin (replace the sewing bag)

3. The needle plate hole is worn, (replace the needle plate)

4. The sewing thread is flexible, (changing the covered wire)

5. There is no over-pressor in the sewing thread, (the sewing thread is clamped into the crimper)

6. The groove surface of the needle is not parallel to the fuselage surface (the groove surface of the calibration needle is parallel to the body surface)

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